Professional services


Our team of professionals prepare and supervise the accounts of our customers, both domestic and foreign companies, in order to achieve the minimum tax burden. Given the complexity of our tax system, it is essential that companies put special attention on the accounting of its operations, from simple to more complex, in this manner to optimize their resources, particularly not paying more taxes that are legally mandatory.
In addition to the team of highly trained, we have also the most advanced computer and technical equipment, which allows us to make the most effective and economical for both our clients the following services:
Accounting firms adjusted to the Commercial Code and the General Accounting Plan - book, newspaper, book inventory, annual accounts -.
Legalisation of accounting at the Registry.
Deposit of annual accounts.
Accounting for business professionals who act as individuals, income and book sales, purchases and expenses, assets of investment funds, and provisions.
Schedules and tax accounting. In particular study the situation of the company before the end of the fiscal year and completion of pre-closure.
Related party transactions, transfer pricing and documentation requirement.
accounting and financial advice through a careful study of the situation of each company, and making plans for treasury and cost analysis of the company.
Electronic Invoice.


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