Insurance coverage for any unpaid rental income and legal defense for the trial of eviction
01.14.2011 Insurances

The insurance of non-payment of rental income insurance is a guarantee that the owner of a house payment of rental income in the event that the lessee fail to do so. Depending on the insurance company guarantees from six months to dotz, with or without excess, which is usually a month.


The insurance coverage can include the perception of the amount of rent assistance to the owner to recover the effect that the possession of the property as soon as possible, even by the defense lawyer and attorney at law judgments of eviction for nonpayment of rent and similar items. You can also include compensation for damage to vandalism or theft of the tenant in the rented house.


It recommended a product that the contract given the current real estate market and the duration of court proceedings seeking to evict the defaulting tenant and obtain possession of the property as soon as possible.


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