Aid for the economic diversification of rural areas Programme Leader 2012 -La Noguera-
01.04.2013 Business Law

Rules of aid for the economic diversification of rural areas and the Leader Calls for the year 2012.
The past 29thy December two 2012 came into force Order AMD / 429/2012, of 21 December, approving the Regulations OF FUNDING FOR THE economic diversification RURAL AREAS UNDER THE LEADER OF THE PRINCIPLE 4 Rural Development Programme for Catalonia 2007-2013, and announces THE 2,012 for the year in order to promote the realization of investments that generate economic activity and diversification of the rural economy by improving the processes of transformation and marketing of certain agricultural products, the creation, expansion and / or improvement of micro, small and medium enterprises, promotion of tourism and the conservation and enhancement of heritage naturally applicable only to rural areas that are listed in Annex 2 of this Order, including all municipalities in the region of Walnut.

The grant funding has character and is directly applicable to expenses incurred for the same final beneficiaries, the amount may not exceed 35% of the eligible investment or to 200,000.00 euros per beneficiary over a period of 3 years in the case of measures to improve the processes of transformation and marketing of certain agricultural products, creation and development of micro and promotion of tourism activities, and not more than 80% of the eligible investment or 250,000, 00 euros per beneficiary over a period of 3 years for the conservation and enhancement of rural heritage, with the possibility of an increase in cases valued.
Be eligible to be beneficiaries of such aid must fulfill the following requirements:

a) to eligible investments for a minimum of 12,000.00 euros, excluding VAT, in the territory Leader.
b) Undertake projects to any of the purposes mentioned above, approved by the Department of Rural Development proposed by the selected LAG.
c) be aware of their tax obligations, with Social Security and the Government of Catalonia.
d) Assume the commitment to maintain and manage directly subsidized activity for a minimum period of 5 years from the date of the award of the grant, the breach of this obligation will result in total or partial withdrawal of help.
e) Assume the commitment of advertising funders with a plaque provided by the GAL, keeping it visible for a minimum period of 5 years from the date of the award of the grant. Requirement to meet even for those investments whose total cost exceeds EUR 50,000.00, or for the cost of infrastructure which exceeds EUR 500,000.00.
f) Assume the commitment to bring the accounting business funded according to applicable regulations.
g) To include the purpose of the statutes of legal persons for profit and nonprofit entities in which local activity for which support is requested.
h) In the case of legal persons for profit that the company complies with the principle of independence and not part of a jointly controlled group of companies and / or associated company in accordance with the Plan General Accounting SMEs.
i) Be owner or usufructuary of the facilities where the works are to be carried out or, if not so, having written consent of the owner to do it.

Regarding the request for assistance, processing and resolution of the same, note that applications will be formalized in standard form available on the website or any dependence AMD addressed to the Department of Rural Development and presented to the headquarters of LAG belongs to the municipality in which the investments are to be executed within a period of 45 days from the day following the publication of Order DOGC, ie, the twenty-eight day of December two thousand twelve. Fundamental principles and specific standards for which are governed by the selection of projects and proposals for action will be determined by each LAG, in Annex 2 of this Order.
The procedure for awarding the grant will be in a competitive basis, the GAL competent technician with a regional office for the check and certify the non-commencement of works, with subsequent transfer to the regional office of AMD of all the applications received and projects that eligibility report issued in accordance with the result of the evaluation of the project carried out by the Committee on Eligibility and return it to the GAL so makes the assessment, giving a percentage aid on investment for each project proposal and issuing subsequent binding of AMD's regional office will review and, if appropriate, approve and process the Service Programming and Rural Revitalisation in examining body condition of the records of grants.
The decision aid corresponds to the head of the Department of Rural Development and AMD must be notified in writing to the final beneficiary within six months from the date of the deadline for submission of requests. Appropriate modification of the award in the event of alteration of the conditions that determine the award.
Beneficiaries must notify the GAL termination actions, within 10 calendar days following the end of the proceedings, with details of expenditure that will be tested and verified by the technical staff and GAL Regional Office issuing proposed certification basis for the proposed payment, reviewed and verified by the regional office of the AMD and then sent to the Service Programming and Promotion of Rural Rural Development Department for the final proposal and payment of the grant.

You can view the full text of this Order in the Official Journal of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Vol. 6282, dated twenty-eight of December two thousand twelve, page 64025 et seq.


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